wasuegBanner Under the Family Violence Prevention Program with a grant from the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Haven House proudly launches a new project, The Wasueg Project The Wasueg Project will engage community members and community resources in a dialogue about “Violence Against Women and Girls” through Focus Groups and various community events and activities. This engagement within our community of Listuguj will create that opportunity to explore the depth of the problem in our community, to further identify gaps in services and program delivery as well as  identifying best practises that will serve as a guide in the development of safety plans and programs to address violence against women and girls in our community.


  • To increase awareness and engage in a dialogue on violence and abuse through Focus Groups, Informal Discussions, One to One Discussions, Surveys, Presentations, Public Service Announcements, Community Events and Activities
  • To provide the tools and knowledge to empower women and girls to develop individual safety plans and work towards developing a community safety plan
  • To break the silence and cycle of violence
  • To develop curriculum for a series of workshops to assist in this engagement with our community and to help guide the creation of safety plans
  • Ultimately, to decrease the incidence of violence against women and girls and increase awareness on violence and abuse and of the available resources.
  • To further facilitate the creation of networks within the community to support those experiencing violence and abuse.

How You can get involved?

  • If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and concerns, you can contact us at Haven House (418) 788 5544
  • Join a Focus Group, information on upcoming Focus Groups will be posted on the Haven House Facebook Page
  • Attend community events and activities that are organized by The Waseug Project.

Report – Phase 1